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Cost-effective and flexible SharePoint projects

Mobyzone offers guaranteed cost-effective projects in a short time and an easy way for you to get a really good intranet, management system, or other SharePoint solution. We do this by building our SharePoint solutions on refined frameworks that contain ready-made services, functions and components from our long experience in both user interface development and SharePoint functionality.


You will have access to both ready-made concepts and quality-assured solutions, and an opportunity to adapt them further to your specific needs. The frameworks also have a beautiful and user-friendly interface, which can either be used as is, or adapted to your graphic profile as a natural step in our implementation process.


Examples of concepts and functionality in our framework:


  • Finished concepts and page templates for, for example, home page, landing page and content page
  • Widgets for personalization of functionality and information, both at group and individual level
  • User profiles, employee listings and organizational charts
  • News portal with categorization, target group management, and simplified news management features
  • Important messages with categories and audiences
  • Tool links and favorite links, centrally controlled with target groups or individually personalized
  • Design customization and branding, with responsive design for mobile devices
  • Manage calendars and messages, with integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
  • Knowledge sharing through blogs and forums
  • Management system with process maps for business management and quality assurance
  • Search features, document management, and more


Based on your existing infrastructure and the high-level requirements that apply to the current platform, we recommend you the best possible choice for how to work with SharePoint. Our framework is based on the principle of cloud-first, which means that the same solution works both online (Office 365) and on-premise (SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint 2019) and that you can easily start in an environment and then move it if you wish, or run a SharePoint hybrid environment where some parts are in Office 365 while others use SharePoint on-premise.


October 23, 2015



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