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Where the frontend meets the backend. Without proper coding in depth, a nice surface is not worth much. That’s why we take the frontend step deeper. With solid knowledge in backend development and the entire C.A.G Group’s overall expertise in the back, our frontend solutions have a solid foundation to stand on. With this as a starting point, we help our customers develop customized and useful solutions that keep the measurement going all the way.



Our skilled team has competencies both wide and in depth and uses Javascript-based MVC frameworks, the latest web standards and other established development tools, in their daily craft. Skills development and exchange of experience with colleagues in the C.A.G Group help us to keep track of the latest technologies and always stay one step ahead. Today we work with:


  • Javascript (ES6 and Typescript)
  • ASP and MVC / MVVM frameworks like React and Angular
  • HTML5 and CSS3 (LESS and SASS)
  • NodeJS-based development tools such as Webpack, NPM and Yarn
  • Automatic testing



Regardless of the type of assignments and roles in the working group, we are constantly working to optimize work processes through agile development, modern technologies and Continuous Integration. It makes us a collaborative and effective team that works towards a common goal; to deliver sustainable solutions to our customers.


October 23, 2015



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