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SharePoint Platform

Our most common offerings on SharePoint

  • intranet
  • Collaboration in projects and teams
  • management
  • document Management
  • Case Management
  • extranets
  • Search Solutions
  • Training
  • migration
  • Intranets on SharePoint


A SharePoint intranet is a stable hub of your business systems. Here you will find basic support for information publishing, communication, collaboration and document management, and limitless opportunities to build on the digital workplace.


We make SharePoint easy for all users


Mobyzone delivers useful solutions on SharePoint that generate business benefits. The fact that SharePoint needs to be user-friendly is something we have long adhered to,  and delivering solutions that combine simplified usable interfaces with the recognition factor from Microsoft Office is something that is standard for Mobyzone. We at Mobyzone are passionate about creating intuitive digital solutions on SharePoint and we know why, how and when to customize SharePoint in appearance, interaction and function. Of course with a modern and mobile interface through responsive design.


In our team, interaction designers and designers work closely with interface developers, solution architects and SharePoint developers. Of course, at the same time, we maximize the use of standard functionality in SharePoint, this is about a different way of looking at presentation and interaction, not about the underlying solution. We simply give your employees a better user experience on SharePoint without compromise.


October 23, 2015



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